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Dead end on electrical problem?

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I have a 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee Ltd 4.7 AWD. I’ve got a problem that started out with the volts fluctuating between 13.9 and 12.5 then when I’ve driven for 5-10 minutes it’ll drop down to 12.5v and then just start draining the battery from there.
So far I’ve replaced the battery, checked the alternator (properly by mechanic), and thinking that it’s the voltage regulator, the mechanic installed a by-pass/ external voltage regulator which didn’t work either. I’ve since supplied an ECU which hasn’t solved the problem either. I’ve got another ECU on the way in case I happened to get a bad one. Mechanic found a faulty battery temperature sensor which he’s also replaced and was confident that was going to be the problem; unfortunately it wasn’t.
All ground wires have been checked, cleaned and replaced where necessary, and at this point we’re starting to run out of things it could be.
Mechanic is saying the instrument cluster has been flashing on and off and at one point the screen turned blue as well. The next thing to look at is the wiring harness and instrument cluster which I know isn’t going to be cheap!
The motor is new/rebuilt 15k miles ago and had been running fine, and the new ECU is a plug and play for the vin number on this Jeep.
Any ideas or suggestions at this point will be greatly appreciated and will save me having to push this pos Jeep off a cliff and on fire 🔥 😂
Matt, Tri, Cadence, & Koru 🐾🐾🐾

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