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Jeep Information

1999 WJ Laredo with 4-speed auto and 4.0 I6.

Bone stock and beat nearly to death when I acquired November 2017.

Finished mods/projects:

1. Replaced cracked head and top end gaskets
2. Replaced radiator
3. Replaced faulty transmission speed sensor
4. 2 inch coil lift and new shocks
5. New 32in mud tires
6. Front fenders trimmed to accommodate above

Pending projects/mods:

1. Semi-custom front bumper. Modifying custom JK winch-mount bumper
2. T-max (Westin) 9500lb winch
3. Rock sliders & skid plates
4. Interior cleanup & possibly new front seats
6. Paint?

Future mods:

1. Lockers vs 3/4 ton axles
2. V8 swap
3. More lift & bigger tires

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