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Model:WJ Grand Cherokee Limited

Engine:4.7 High Output


Transfer Case:Quadra Drive

Front Axle:Dana 30 limited slip

Rear Axle:Dana 44 limited slip

Tires:All terrain

Wheels:17 inch

Recovery Gear:2500lb steel cable winch with an assortment of snatch blocks and pulleys.

Future Modifications:Rough Country 4 inch lift kit (purchased), bigger tires/wheels, on board air, bigger winch...

First jeep. Kinda hooked, kinda over it! LMAO
Been using the forums for about a year now. Figured I would set up an account.
Currently sorting out the dreaded electrical problem. PCI buss short/ground usually I have been getting a rough idle/misfire condition, fowl/rich smell from exhaust, flickering lights, fuel gauge usually goes first, then the security/SKIM light, then it shuts down no gauges, fuel pump, spark, battery gauge falls to 9 or below, also random recycle air door or blend door operating even with the key off and has been sitting 5 minutes. Sometimes it will kick on and off repeatedly, tcm relay gets hot without running it, if I wiggle the pcm connector closest to the motor I can get everything to come back on but for how long is a mystery. Corrosion in various connectors, loss of fuel pressure with new pump and filter, when it runs long enough to get codes I got sensor voltage high on several of them and most recent is a P0700 generic transmission code. Have found several possible shorts. Thought I had it but still having issues but not not even wiggling the connector gets it back on. Will roll over but no fuel/spark. If I manage to keep it alive I plan to put a 4 inch lift on it and I'm sure there will be more. Just got to sort it out. I'm almost at the point of removing the entire interior to expose all of the internal wiring, if that doesn't resolve it a new alternator, wiring harness, and/or pcm.


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09-17-2020, 05:38 AM
Welcome from AZ.
Just got our first WJ, or any Jeep for that matter a couple of months ago. (other than a rattle that I can't track down)

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