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Almost done reupholstering my front driver seat

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Jeeps unlimited sent me a nice complete very good condition power seat bracket problem was it didn't have memory. my current WJ does. I didn't find this out until I had everything together. I would have been happy just to go with power seats but that being said the connectors are different between a memory power seat and memory power seat with heat and just a plain old power seat The connectors are different for each type. So I wound up with a $300 unusable seat bracket. I was fed up with the whole thing and I ground off the one broken hinge from the new one and I'm going to retrofit it to the old one.... The foam I was amazed was actually an incredible condition I was able to reuse the seat foam I did use spray adhesive to add about a half inch thick sheet right on the bottom section. The biggest problem I had was my old frame in which the foam sat on had four big cracks in fact the part where your tailbone hits was completely broken off It wasn't even connected Lucky for me I was able to drill the holes into the bracket and use bolts to mount it much stronger than welts. I bought a $100 cover from some eBay place and it fit and it looks really nice tomorrow when I'm at work I'm going to grab some bigger bolts and because I did grind off that one hinge part from the good bench that they sent me boy imagine that the $300 hasp! regardless I'm just going to bolt that good *** on to the old seat and go back with the old seat with memory. I probably wouldn't have had to touch anything had it not been for the sagginess of the upholstery Well it turns out it wasn't the upholstery It was the underpinnings all the brackets were cracked incredible It took a whole day just fixing all the cracks without a welder or using bolts 338 bolts.


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