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My wife has a 2007 Grand Cherokee. It turns over but doesn’t start. I thought it was sounding like it wasn’t getting gas so I replaced the fuel pump/filter. Now I know it’s getting gas because I checked the fuel regulator. So then I thought maybe it wasn’t getting spark so I pulled out a couple of spark plugs/wires and it’s definitely getting spark. I took off the air filter and had someone shoot starting fluid down while I was cranking it. Nothing. I figured if it fired while shooting starter fluid that would tell me it’s a fuel problem. But after using the starter fluid and nothing happening, I have no idea what it could be. Since buying this jeep from a corner store auto sales place, EVERYTHING has gone wrong. We’ve had to replace the engine, alternator, battery, brakes, fuel pump, radiator, etc. I really need some help here. We just had a new baby and this is our only vehicle since my truck was totaled by somebody running a red light. I’ve tried everything I can think of.


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