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99 GC on life support(?)

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My 99 GC (owned since 2007) is having major issues. Roughly 2 mo ago it started a ticking noise from the engine. I did a post about that. I’ve had it in for two assessments and just trying to buy time. My parents are coming in about 8-10 days, my dad is going to take the valve cover off to see whatever is there.

In the meantime (6 days) my power steering pump went. I thought it was oil leaking, no it’s PS fluid. Leaked over my est 6 mo old serpentine belt, so that had to be replaced too. $600.

Got it back from the garage. The next day I worked in am, took afternoon off for a dr appt. Wouldn’t start. Had power. Called roadside assistance, they sent a guy to jump it. Battery is fine.

Had to call roadside assistance again to get a tow. Back to the garage.

Had the starter replaced & picked it up last night. $620.

Driving to work this am, happy to have my Jeep back and not taking Uber. Lost power 2.2 miles from home on the interstate. Was able to pull over onto the side (median where an on ramp adjoins, where troopers usually sit).

Called work, garage, roadside assistance. Texted my guy & my mom (to let my dad know, he doesn’t text). Waiting for roadside assistance to let me know tow info and ETA.

Try started fine, ran fine until it didn’t. Ugh.


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