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4.0 I6 or 4.7 V8?

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Over the last 10 years give or take, I’ve owned a 3.7 V6 WK and a 4.7 V8 WK. In the last year, I purchased an older BMW, which I’m planning on storing during the winters here in Massachusetts. I’m looking to buy an inexpensive WJ (preferably an ‘03) limited to act as my stand-in for a few years, but can’t decide between the I6 or the V8. I’ve found some (what look to be) nice examples with fairly low miles (70k-90k). This would Jeep would see year-round use, but would be fully active in the winter and alternately active in the summer. Things I should look out for? I’m fairly well acquainted with WKs and what to look for and things that can go wrong, but not so much WJs. I don’t mind DIY work on simpler repairs.

Obviously, fuel consumption would be worse in the 8 cylinder, but how by how much? Enough to justify seeking out only I6’s?

Thanks in advance.


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