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275k miles and still running strong

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I've rebuilt everything on this jeep including interior with a few upgraded like 4 inch long arm lift,4.11 nitro gears in both axles, custom Tom woods front driveshaft, and stereo system with 15s in back and amped pioneer speakers which made me have to install custom apex alternator and yellow label Optima battery so it wouldnt die every 3 days lol I think I like the drivetrain where it is though even with the np 247 tcase but thinking about doing a few upgrades on the next 4.7 like porting the heads to flow better and performance cam swap and solid lash lifters for better pressure in mid to high rpms,upgraded intake manifold that allows mustang supercharger to mount on top, magniflow exhaust with y pipe catalytic converter and universal and cat back kit, possibly Ross racing ceramic pistons but as a daily driver that would just kill motor in a few years, maybe a few other things like a better dampener and balanced injectors but sct tune should be enough after getting motor to flow better cuz 4.7 stock heads seem to be very restrictive, then upgrade 545 rfe to have appropriate stall speed and swap the valve body with a performance torque converter and valve body. Had other ideas since theirs a ton of upgrades out there but some sacrifice lifespan significantly and I like having this as a daily driver. Even as is though itll keep up with the hemi ram and I almost beat a Chevy with a modified 350 so after a few tweaks I bet itll be a force to be reckoned with

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