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I have a 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo. I am having a problem with it shifting. So I changed the transmission filter & fluid in hopes that it would solve the problem. At first my jeep did shift like it's suppose to. Then it started shifting the same as before. It wouldn't shift gears until the rpms got up to 4500 or higher. What confuses me is that one day it'll shift like it suppose to w when I drive it.Then there's days like Sunday, I drove to town an it didn't want to shift properly, but after leaving the grocery store to go back home it shifted into every gear properly. I put my scanning tool on it and got code P1762. I know that's the govenor pressure sensor, I'll be taking the transmission out of the jeep for me to repair. That's why I'd like some input from you guys. Like I said before I'll drive it and it shifts into every gear like it suppose to. The rpms never going over 2000. I can drive it later on the same day and it'll act up. I don't know if the governor pressure sensor is the only part I should get even though it only showed the P1762 code. That's why I'd like to see what ya'll think. After I repair it an get it put back in, I definitely don't want to have to take it back out. So any help would be greatly appreciated. The transmission that's in my jeep is a 42RE. The engine is a 4.0L. Thanks for your time.


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