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2002 WJ 4.7 V8 and 100,000 miles

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Bay Area, California

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My 2002 WJ Laredo (4.7 V8, 4 WD, towing and up-country suspension packages) is coming up on 100,000 miles. That’s not a typo - that’s 100K.

I’ve been getting the oil changed about every 3,000 miles and whatever fixed when it’s needed. But I’m curious if there’s anything extra I should do when it hits 100,000.

It’s not my primary driver. It’s mostly used for long and longer distances. It does get some around town use but recently I’ve been driving about 70 miles round trip (35 each way mostly freeway driving one way and clear freeway driving the way back) 4-5 days a week for the last couple of months. That will probably continue for the next several weeks. Before that, it wasn’t getting that much driving. Some around town and the occasional freeway trip of about 60 miles to get everything up to operating temperature.

I’ve used it over the years to trailer vehicles and sadly it’s only been off-road a few times and even then that was limited.


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