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2002 jeep Grand Cherokee 4x4 electrical issues

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Okay I have a passenger window and lock problem on both passenger doors. Neither lock or window roll down from the switches on the doors or the driver's door. But I noticed when I was messing with the switch on the back passenger door and my husband was messing with the lock switch on the front passenger door the locks worked for some reason. I know it is a electrical problem but I'm not used to trying to figure out the wiring on any vehicle but I'm good at fixing other things. I have looked at the fuses and other stuff and it's all good. Except I'm not sure if the window motors work in either door on the passenger side. I haven't tested those just yet. I bought this used about a month and a half ago and I'm just now getting around to figuring out what's wrong with the windows and locks on the passenger side bc this jeep has had a few issues to it. Bc the person who had this before me really shouldn't of been trying to fix anything bc it was bad when I first bought it. But if you could help me out if greatly appreciate it.


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