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2002 ABS code reading issue

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Hey Everyone,

I've had Jeeps for years, a 92 XJ and since last year, an 02 WJ Overland. I'm capable of fixing whatever, but computer stuff can be a pain and that's my current issue. I'd be grateful for any help with this...(kind of a story...)

Recently, the WJ popped the ABS light on and I bought a BlueDrive OBD2 bluetooth dongle ($99 on Amazon) specifically because it can read and reset ABS/SRS codes. Unfortunately, it didn't work for me and after talking to the customer service at BlueDriver, was told that my specific Jeep was not compatible. Here's the email:

"There is a slight chance there might be (a comparability issue), Chrysler had some QC issues in the early 2000's and installed an incorrect programmed ECM in some Jeeps and Dodges which could limit you to engine codes only - could you send us a support email from inside the BlueDriver app:'

I sent the info the asked for and...

"Unfortunately it looks like you are part of that minority case.

The quick version is a small number of Chrysler I6s, V6s, and V8s had engine controllers installed that use the wrong diagnostic protocol - instead of responding to Chrysler's "VPW" they use the predominantly Asian/European "K-Line" - you can see this in the log file you sent in where it says "Vehicle Protocol> ISO_9141".

As a result of this we are only able to perform the standard OBDII functions - engine codes, etc at the moment"

So, not their fault and I'm impressed with their customer service. But, what code reader does work to read ABS codes for this weird ECM protocol that a DIYer can afford? Has anyone else run into this? I'm hoping to avoid the dealership, but am also a little doubtful they would be able to read it. Really, what can I do to get to the root of the ABS issue? Thanks for any help.


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