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2001 4.0 Laredo Shale Green

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Just joined because I've been putting in a lot work and research on my WJ. I mainly repair electronics for a living but like to take care of my own vehicles too.

I've had my WJ for about 5 years and it's been a heck of a process.

Last year I had to have transmission torn down three times until it was finally fully rebuilt properly... and last week a buddy replaced head gasket, resurfaced heads, replaced thermostat, housing, brand new radiator and cleaned the heck out of it.

So I can honestly say I have one of the cleanest and definitely the smoothest i6 and 42res I've personally ever seen. The expression, "runs like a top" fully applies--very proud of the work that's been completed thus far.

Hopefully in the next week or two I'll have the front driveshaft rebuilt and can move on to

That said I've accumulated a lot of fun stuff I'm chomping at the bit to install including 3" spacers by Supreme Suspensions, spring insulators 1" rear swaybar by Aadco, Moog swaybar links, Moog adjustment sleeve, Moog tie rod ends, rough country steering stabilizer and a few other oddball items. Getting the Bilstein 5100s as well but it'll be a few more weeks before I get to knock all this out. I anticipate completion early to mid-september. I'm starting with sleeve and ends because she's toed in something fierce, then swaybar and finally the lift (priorities, amirite?)

Other items I've addressed along the way would include struts, all wheel assembly issues, brakes, any and all electrical issues (I'm comfortable with a multimeter and have tracked down and resolved a ton of electrical bugs on these suckers--of which there is no shortage, as I'm sure you all know too well). I even made a giant spreadsheet of every point of electrical weakness to check when diagnosing such gremlins.

Thusly, all interior and exterior lights have been upgraded to LEDs, and as lenses and reflective material were long gone, with a few cracks here and there which I went ahead and used as an excuse to upgrade to shadowed aftermarket headlight, and taillight assemblies. To boot, all exterior LEDs have resistors and fans where applicable.

All hydrolic arms (hood, trunk, window) have been replaced.

Nearly all interior issues have been resolved including missing fasteners. The worst issue inside was the cracking vinyl armrest but I found a guy on eBay that sells beautiful little handmade cushions you use to patch them, and the color matches the Agate AZ color perfectly. Final interior item is broken cargo container in trunk but I'll get to the junk yard sooner or later. Overall the interior is flawless so I'm very blessed in that department.

Also upgraded e-fan to clutch fan, added the cargo shade/ cover back, put in heavy duty aftermarket mats, a trunk liner, full size spare tire with matching rim, and 255/70/16s.

Still gotta deal with oil pan leak but that's the last big hurdle.

Until budget boost is complete I won't be doing anything to the exterior but I do have plans to upgrade bumpers, add tow hooks, a hitch and do something about my ugly hood. The hood has the classic blown radiator rust lines and I haven't yet decided on how to deal with that... but otherwise I'm really happy with my Jeep and look forward to learning more and continuing to maintain and upgrade it.

Anyway, nice to be here if anybody has any thoughts on addressing my rusty hood shoot me a PM. Thanks.


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