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Wandering issues

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Hey guys, I’m having an issue with my ZJ wandering.

Little backstory: it’s been lifted 3.5” for over 2 years now and was fine. No issues until a few weeks ago when I could feel the death wobble on the horizon.

Everything front end related was pretty worn out so I wasn’t surprised. I replaced
-Upper and Lower ball joints
-Both U-joints at the wheels
-All tie rod ends
-Wheel bearing/hub assemblies
-Steering Stabilizer
-Brakes while I was at it

When I lifted it 2 years ago I never ended up hooking the swaybar back up so i feel like that’s void right now because nothing changed there.

I torqued everything appropriately and I got it aligned and everything came out perfect.

I did some research here and on google and all I could come up with is that the ball joints might need to break in. I’ve driven it a few hundred miles now and I’ve sent it down every bumpy and back dirt road I can find and it still wanders all over the place when I go down a long straightaway.

Sorry for the long post but I am stumped at this point.



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