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Transfer Case:NP249 :(

Rear Axle:DANNA 44

Axle Gear Ratio:4:11

Suspension:Four link short arm



Future Modifications:A lot... Hopefully...

Ok so obviously I'm new here. You can and more than likely will call me stewpid. I just bought a 95 zj 5.2 np249. Rear axle is danna 44 and I think 4:11. The previous owner swapped out the front axle with one from a 96. Not sur on engine size of it but I believe it was a 4.o. Anyway its chewed up 3 brand ne sets of sway bar bushings and sway bar link bushings. I know the control arm bushings are shot and the track bar bushing is also. Thought it had the play in it it does because of ovled out bolt hole so I just welded the bolt in for temporary but the track bar still moves quite a bit. Also the sway bar will rub the frame either side depending and the track bar hits the sway bar link bracket when turning right. I'm not sure if it could all be from bad control arm bushings? Or if there is something else I'm not seeing? Also previous owner said the driveshaft wouldn't fit after swapping axles so he cut one up and made a trail spare but I have no front driveshaft at the moment and dont know if thats tearing things up or if its ok? Plus a ton of other questions but this will do for now. Its my only vehicle so I really need to get it in better working order. Plus I wheel like an addict so there's that too. I appreciate any helpful advice and/or ideas and I'll help where I can as well. I'm a welder/fabricator and am more than confident to build as many parts as I can lacking a mill machine and lathe so don't hesitate to tell me what would alright to do or what not to do. I can be stupid but I'll try my best to keep it to a minimum.


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