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Model:5.9 Grand Cherokee

Engine:5.9 magnum

Transmission:46 RE

Transfer Case:241OR

Front Axle:HD Dana 44 with 8 lug locking hubs

Rear Axle:Shave 14 bolt

Axle Gear Ratio:4.88

Suspension:Long Arm 4 links, rear triangulated

Tires:38X13.5X17 Patagonia M/T

Wheels:9.5X17 Welded steel beadlocks

Just getting started on build which will include front and rear wheelbase stretch and corresponding wheel well modifications. Currently building the 5.9 with new heads, cam and tuning. Also putting in 2006 TJ gas tank for higher 59 psig fuel pressure and 5 more inches of real estate with moving rear axle back 4-5 inches.


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View osgruber327's Jeep
11-02-2019, 09:28 AM
I've always wanted to try that......maybe not to the extreme that your going to.
I look foward to watching the progression.
Good luck!

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View e037383's Jeep
11-05-2019, 09:36 PM
So finished the 2006 TJ tank on my ZJ tonight to gain 4-5 more inches for the rear axle to move back, at the expense of 4 gallons of fuel. Plus 2005-06 TJs (and all newer wrangles) ran 59 psig at the fuel rail instead of 49 psig that all prior jeeps ran on, this should benefit the performance engine set-up that I am working toward when I get to tuning it with a new cam, intake and heads on. Put 34 miles on it to test things and engine ran great prior to tearing the top/front of the engine down. Found out 05-06 TJ's have an issue with an internal vent valve sticking that causes it to take 15 minutes to fill up the tank, after realizing I have the problem during the first fill up. Looks like the fix is just puling the valve and cleaning it up. Gas Gage is spot on and it took 19 gallons to fill, bye-bye 23 gallon capacity. Guess I'll definitely be fabricating a gas can carrier (or two) when I build the rear bumper. Won't be doing much more as I have a 2001 XJ to fix up to sell for future funds on this project. Next step will be the engine upgrades.

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View e037383's Jeep
11-05-2019, 09:51 PM
Just a little background. I have been 4-wheeling for over 40 years with lightly modified rigs. My first 4X4 was a 69 Landcruiser which I made the V8 conversion for when I was 19 in my advanced metal machining class, my second engine swap at that age. Now a recently retired Aerospace Engineer, that was going to do an extreme build on an XJ including a small block Chevy conversion, stretched wheel base, long arms front & rear on 1-tons. Then I realized the 1998 5.9 ZJ existed, which would eliminate the need for the SBC and 4L65E conversion, give some of my taller friends a little more comfort when riding along and almost directly do everything else the same. During the past couple years prior to retiring I made a nice shop in my detached garage. Taking advantage of a local commercial garage going out business, I hooked up on a 10,000 lb 2-post lift, telescoping trans jack, oil drain and a 20-ton press for $1800 and working a co-op with some friends on welding equipment, Craigslist for a a few other items, plasma cutter, drill press, brake, sand blaster cabinet, etc. Just finished a very capable welding/fabricating table, so about to go full speed ahead with the 5.9 ZJ build. The shop is ready! Next post will highlight my plans for the fiveniner!

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View e037383's Jeep
11-05-2019, 10:32 PM
Plans for Samson: Goal, relatively extreme do almost everything well vehicle (good luck!). Want to be able to do 90% of the trails at MOAB, but also drive it 300 miles on a weekend of Elk scouting driving highway and back roads. Plus living Arizona I want to have the AC on and be comfortable when its hot. Thank God I don't live in the Phoenix Area. Can't see putting 60K into a newer JK/TJ with similar upgrades as below that likely will end up upside down a time or two.

Basic intentions: 1-ton axles 65+ inch wide with 4.88 gears.

Rear Axle: Shaved 14-bolt with ARB.

Front Axle: HD (bigger ring and pinion) Dana 44 (Dana Aftermarket bare crate axle with Rubicon type e-locker) further strengthened with TNT Customs front truss and Terraflex 8-lug conversion with locking hubs.

NP241OR Transfer Case from an '05 TJ.

Lift: shooting for 7 inches with dual rate coil springs and 6-pack shops (both Metalcloak). ACOS Pro in front for ride height adjust-ability and improved bump stops.

Front Suspension: 3-4 inch forward stretch 4-link (plus trac-bar) long arm. Aftermarket dual select-able anti-sway bar.

Rear Suspension: 4-5 inch stretch triangulated 4-link long arm. Aftermarket ant-sway bar.

Tires/Wheels: Patagonia M/T 38X13.5X17 on welded steel beadlocks.

Extras: Frame stiffening with various strenghtening mods including 2X6X5/16 running boards, Hydo-assist steering, cutout/tubed front and rear wheel wells, custom bumpers tied with the tubing and later some sort of cage/additional body protection.

Motor: Stock bottom end 5.9, aftermarket ported heads, high-lift low-duration cam, modified intake all tuned with a Syked tuner through Utawesome Performance with all new accessories; starter, AC, etc.

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