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Picked up a old 1995 Grand Cherokee Limited with the 5.2L off my buddy. The thing has been sitting forever and I managed to get it running alright but not without a couple issues. I honestly love the thing cause I find that is rips for what it is especially coming from a civic. Anyways all I use it for is to go wheeling and when I’m in tight technical trails for a while it starts to stutter when I’m back on an open road and giving it more gas than the trails. Have no idea if this may be a common issue or just the fact that it’s running hot. Can’t see how hot it’s running either because the temp gauge doesn’t work. But it’s never lost or dumped coolant all over the place. And also on the highway at certain throttle position I get this weird shake and it pops through the exhaust only because it doesn’t have one haha. But give it more gas or let off it goes away so I don’t worry about it. It’s honestly just my bush beater so I’m not going to dump a lot of money into it but it’s a fun little rig.

Thanks for any tips


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