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I have put sooo much time and work into my zj, it seems like it will never be completely done. I bought it @ 5 years ago, completely stock. Since then it has snowballed into project after project, lol. What started it all off of course was lifting it. Began with a simple 2" lift, that lasted about a year, then went to a 4" lift. That's when the real work began, new shocks, full set of adjustable control arm, front to rear coil swap, adjustable front and rear track bars, new lengthened rear driveshaft, drilled and slotted rotors front and rear, etc,etc,etc... . I haven't touched the engine, tranny or tranfer case because, for one thing they all work fine so far, plus at this point I don't get great fuel mileage so I don't want to get worse. Anyway I've done ALL of the work myself, in my garage, on my back learning as I go. It's been guite a learning experience to say the least. Blood, sweat and tears, as they say. Ahh, Jeep


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