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Jeep ZJ 96’ Transmission issues

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Hi, everyone I’m working on 4.0 1996 ZJ and well I just put in a newer engine since the last one had very low compression and I had a spare so I just popped that one in and for the first test drive everything seemed fine till later that day when I took it out and it started jerking when I accelerated but once I hit about 3rd gear everything seemed good. It just happens when I accelerate from a complete stop but after 3rd everything seems pretty normal. I should also mention that as the engine gets warmer it almost completely stops doing it, so I’m not sure where to start looking to find my issue and was wondering if anyone has come across this problem.

Side Notes

-no check engine light either
-I did take it to Vegas and back home which is about a 3 hour drive for me and it made it just fine.
-Passed smog
-Also if I shift it into 1st and 2nd manually it doesn’t jerk at all, it seems completely fine.


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