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Her name is CRANBERRY

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George here from central florida 😎☀️🌴

I currently own a 97 ZJ 4.0 i6 4x4 with lots of upgrades. I purchased the jeep over 5 years ago and its running stronger than ever.

Over the past 3 years i have been restoring her little by little and shes come along way. She was an eyesore when i 1st got her. Cracked windshield, busted fog lights yellowing headlights, rusted exhaust and cat. Sounded like she was on her last legs and needed a starter and new battery. I bought a lemon but it was something i saw in her and knew she had alot of potential.

I would like to get the max HP and Torque out of her. Dont want to do the lifted rock crawler you see most ZJ's and XJ's if anything just a leveling lift but mostly looking for best performance.

Would like to add a supercharger and other engine modifications like boring the block adding performance oil and trans coolers. Bigger fuel injectors, performance intake manifold and ceramic headers.

If anyone have some recommendations send them my way. They would be much appreciated.

Current upgrades

* fixed windshield and tinted windows to legal specs in the state of Florida.

* flowmasters performance exhaust and magniflow cat 3 inch muffler tip.

* Full K&N cold air intake with a BBK performance throttle body

* re geard trans and 242j tcase

* mechman high output alternator with big 3. 0 guage wire upgrade along with XS power 3400 series battery.

Audio legion sound system all the way around with kenwood x303 head unit and all LED lights not one original bulb besides sun visors.

* full suspension overhaul and brake master cylinder along with calipers

* 29 inch falken wildpeak A/T tires sitting on American racing baja wheels polished aluminum with a neg -19 offset.

* fresh paintjob and bodywork done also bedlined bumpers and trim pieces.

She is 7k miles away from having 200k miles. At that point i would like to overhaul engine block and short block, bore out pistons and prepare to add supercharger. 🤙🏽 wish me luck. Its been a journey.


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