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I am getting a green grand Cherokee from my dads friend from grade school. it has been sitting under a canopy for Lord knows how long so it is COVERED in dust. It has a 4.0l engine. That's all I know.
What I would like to know is, based on these pictures, can anyone tell me what year, model (laredo/limited/whatever) it is? The paperwork is still trying to be discovered it it is there. I would like to know what it is because it will be my first car (I'm 16 and in love with Jeeps). I was really wanting a wrangler of some sort but I am able to get a grand Cherokee from my dads friend for $850! So I gotta jump on that. Oh yeah, the bumper is off but we have a brand new one waiting to be installed. I'm sorry for the poor quality and lack of more informational pictures. My dad just snapped these quickly and I discovered this site much later after these were taken. I may be able to take better pics later? But the lot this Jeep is sitting in is locked up, so it is a high chance (since we don't have the key. The friend does)



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