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98 ZJ Radiator trans fittings

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Question: What is a part number for a fitting that will screw into the special 98 radiator to work with ≈3/8 line for a cooler? Im sure theres been a good write up on this Ive seen multiple forum articles but none regarding what the thread is or part number for a fitting that will work.

Just finish a rebuild on my buddies 98 ZJ 5.2. Motor fired right up and runs great. Got a fresh aluminum radiator in and I went with the 98 year part number knowing it had special fitting for the trans cooler. Looking back I should got a 97 or earlier because I was redoing all the lines anyways to install a external cooler. I tried to make myself a fitting using one of the OEM fittings that came with the radiator but it leaks under pressure. Ive been to all the local parts stores and even scoured home depot and there is nothing to be found that will work. Hopefully someone can help me out, thanks!

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