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97 ZJ with all the goodies

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Start off im a off road racer so wife buys a grand and here i am adding parts. Keeping it street legal (barely) but changing it over to a jeepspeed and keep the a/c heater and such. So kinda mixing it up. 33" BFG 10.5 on methods. EBC brakes (greenbacks) what we run on our race cars work great when hot no pedal fade for 2k miles then change them out again. Expensive yes stoping power in all situations YES! As of now but changing shortly 318 with msd, doug thourly headers, flowmaster series 10 going to magnaflow twin exhaust out sides in front of tire this fall. Detroit locker with the 44hd but will chage to a 9" with the right deal arrives. 242 transfercase with low range 2wd,Sye and big ujoints front and rear. Aluminum 3 row cbr radiator. Started with a rough country 4 in long arm and modified away. Remember im not a crawler im a dezert nut so to me i will never crawl only haul *** thru dezert roads. Custom built steering for zero bumb steer and cust 4 link in rear to get rid of the skateboard effect front and rear large swaybars. On to the future thinking stroker small block with 318 base (still streetable barely)change trans to manual valvebody and lots of work inside or go to a turbo 400 thats been worked. Full fiberglass front end and maybe 35s shocks are in the works kings front and rear bypasses.Thats it for now this breast changes monthly as i work in a race fab shop and have access to lots of good toys.


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