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3 to 4 spoke steering wheel.

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Has anyone successfully switched out the ZJ 3 spoke steering wheel with the 4 spoke? I know the clock springs are different and also have different connectors, so a straight swap of both the clock spring and wheel isn’t as easy as it would first appear. I noticed even if I switch out both the clockspring and 4spoke wheel, the connector on the rear of the 4spoke clockspring that attaches to the car, has a different connector head to the 3spoke CS.

At first glance splicing the wires on the 3spoke clock spring to attach to the 4spoke controls is the easy fix, BUuuut it seems the casing of the 4spoke CS is a different shape and the 4SW won’t fit the 3spoke clock spring without cracking the plastic when tightening down. Ask me how I found this out…. Lol

Hope all the above makes sense.


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