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Model:MJ Comanche

Engine:4.0L 6I

Transmission:4x4 auto

Transfer Case:stock

Front Axle:stock

Rear Axle:35c

Axle Gear Ratio:stock





Recovery Gear:n/a


Future Modifications:Rhino Skin the inside & get rid of the bench for some buckets, brush gaurd, wench, new towing package, CB radio, push button starter, new back glass--one with a sliding window.

I bought this as a daily driver/project. Figured it would give me something new to learn about and be a relatively economical way to get around town (Heck, it cost me less than $1.5k...who cares what gas costs!). Besides, I've never met a Jeep owner I didn't like so why not get one myself?

I think the MJ is, easily, the coolest vehicle I've ever owned. Will definately be running it for decades to come. It needs some lovin' for sure...tune up, spark plugs/wires, IACV/O2 sensor, compression and timing checks, a good vacuum, an updated radio/CD/AUX player and (Dear God, please!) some paint.

Right now it has an idling issue which makes it like to cut out at low speeds/reverse. I am leaning towards the IACV and the O2 sensor but a buddy of mine recommended cleaning the throttle valve, a compression check and changing out the spark plugs/wires for better response & mpg. If anyone has another place to lead me, input would be great!


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01-22-2011, 05:23 PM
reverse stalling issue
I joined today looking for the answer for the same problem. My Cherokee Sport runs fine in forward gears but lopes and stalls in reverse and it's getting worse. When I bought mine 2005 it's main problem was the ignition control module (wouldn't start at all) which was replaced and has run fine ever since. In searching the forum today, I found two possible solutions - Throttle Position Sensor or the Ignition Coil. I'm opting for the Ignition Coil first since I had the problem with the control module before and they are related. My thinking is that I probably should have swapped out the coil at the same time but it took a mechanic to figure out the module problem and cost me $250. I picked up the coil at Nap* for $35 today. I won't be able to work on it for at least a week, so I can't tell you if it worked yet. Good Luck!

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