What to do with my XJ Jeep Registry
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What to do with my XJ

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I’ve owned an XJ for 5 years and I absolutely love the car. However I got a new job and started doing 30k miles a year. The Jeep started to need work done to it more often, which I took care of, but I ended up buying a Honda for work. Ended up not really driving the Jeep due to being so busy and now it doesn’t start.

It’s been about a year since I’ve driven the Jeep and I now have a company car coming next month. I don’t have the room for 3 cars so I need to decide whether to fix the Jeep in order to sell it, or just sell it as is. I’m fairly sure it just needs a new battery, spark plugs, new disk brakes etc. Nothing overly expensive, but I don’t know for sure. I also don’t know if people will be wanting to spend 3-4k on a running XJ in this financial climate.

What would you guys suggest? What’s the going price for a well-cared-for but dead 98 XJ these days?


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