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Please help me out.

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Hey guys new here but not to wheelin haha
So here’s the deal within the past two weeks I’ve bought a bone stock 99 XJ that had 171k miles on it. It ran great. Drove great.
My plan was to take everything off my old 90 model I had and instal on the newer RUST Free body and get a few upgrades interior wise and what not.
Okay so after a grueling two weeks of switching over rear Dana 44, long arm, skid plates, front axel, bumpers, etc. I was ready to go drive it for the first time and she busts right off. And I take off. Within 10 minutes of warm up and 5 minutes of driving around my property in gear it starts reving up and lunging forward. Foot off the gas just letting it idle and started doing the same thing. I put my foot in the throttle and it clears up. If I let it do it’s thing it will die out.
Now, the only thing I did to it that would even remotely be a reason is I removed my Catalytic converter and rear O2 sensor.
I DID NOT so this to be some cool guy screw the world type. I literally removed them so I could get my skid plates up there and be able to install my long arm brackets and what not. So please I don’t want to hear that it’s Illegal or whatever. I get it trust me.

So since the first drive I figured I should at least go buy an O2 sensor and new bung Weld it in and hook it all up.
So I did that. I disconnected the battery to try and reset everything. Started her up drove it around and bam same thing. Ran great for a short time and then high reving idle and lunging and cutting out if my foot wasn’t on the throttle.

What could this be. Don’t tell me the way it’s running is not because the CAT has been removed. Because that doesn’t make sense to me at all. Again the Jeep was running great previously. I would have drove it anywhere. It was strong.
Any ideas?


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