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Suspension:Rear air-bags

Hey guys, so I've seen a number of threads relating to this, but I'm hoping maybe someone can point out something I'm missing..

Quick background, This Jeep was running great, recent tune up (by me) unfortunately, it's owner, in his 70s and starting to get dementia told me one day it had a leak. I went to look and the belt had snapped which caused it to overheat, he said it hadn't been drivin, he was just getting ready to go saaw the leak and shut it down. Well, the alternator pulley had locked up, solid! So I removed it about 2 months ago, and unfortunately he passed away about a month ago.

I went over to help his daughter retrieve it, put the new alternator in, and brought my car around to jump it - it cranks, but thats it. It doesn't seem to be getting fuel, but starter fluid didn't seem to do anything either. There is no spark, and I'm not picking up more than about 1volt on the coil connector.

Further, the dash is pretty much dead, although the brake light is constant on, I tried to pull codes with 2 different readers. my wifi one just keeps cycling, connects to my app, but never to the vehicle, and my other gives a communications error after a moment. The ignition door buzzer works, and I did try the relay swap, and then last night started going thru the very tidious fixing a DRB 'no response' since it seems thats what I'm getting from the OBD. I'm going to pull the battery bring it home to fully charge, and will test the relays to make sure they are working proper. It seems like it's an issue with ASD, but why is the question, since I'm pretty sure it's not the relay. I do have relay overrides and could try one in the ASD spot if that seems appropriate? (Not sure if it would cause other issues, not to familiar with this exact vehicle) Also I will clean the ground connects. Figured I'd drop a line though, mabye someone can lead me down an easier path then the 50 different ohm/volt checks I've been trying..

Thanks! Just hoping to get this going so I can return it to my old friends daughter, she may have to give up her new Jeep as he was making payments, and this used to be a really solid rig! I just did the seat conversion on it to, which he loved


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09-25-2020, 04:31 AM
Well the rain yesterday didn't allow me to do anything other than grab the battery to bring home and charge, and even that cost me over a half cig. Completely soaked in the ~2minutes it took to grab the thing and toss it in my car..

However, today was a bit better, so further testing has found the fuel pump is activating during key on! However, there is NO spark, and I still don't understand why I cannot get a code reader to communicate. Yes, I've seen all the posts pointing to CPS/CPK, however I see no change in the gauges disconnecting it (I do see slight movement, at least on voltage gauge when key on) Also the ohm test with my multimeter at 2k ohms showed open, so is this still a possibility? What else could cause no spark and no comms?

I've also tested the connector to the coil pack, and I get a good ground signal, but voltage when turning the key is practivally nill, about 0.8v on my powerprobe.. So I'm still stumped, any advice would be much appreciated, it looks like tomorrow is going to dump again, so going to dig through the wiring schematics and see what happens weather wise..


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