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Model:cherokee country

Engine:4.0L I6

Transmission:Aisin AW4 2 wheel dr

Front Axle:strsight nondrivenfront axel

Rear Axle:Dana35,c-clip,ABS

Axle Gear Ratio:?? i think 3.73.2, automatic I6Tow Pkg

Suspension:utilized a coil spring front sudp w\a leaf spring tear


Wheels:factory aluminum

Future Modifications:turning into 4x4



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View BRay96XJ's Jeep
05-24-2020, 05:04 AM
im so confused
so I'll finally was able to enter my Jeep info and this is nothing like I dreamed actually being in the forum interacting with everyone because I've learned so much from you guys over the last five years you know and I thank all of you all for being such XJ diehards and helping me keep my Jeep on the road but she's been down this past year 96 Jeep Cherokee country 2 wheel drive and I've got a four wheel drive transmission put in her now I've got the transfer case still attached 2day transmission so she's ready to turn into 4 wheel drive but I can't get her to go into gear it's like the transfer case stuck in neutral and I don't know how to get her into rear wheel drive or however that works I do not understand the four-wheel drive concepts and I can't get her to go into gear and I finally got her grades up on mother's day I was so proud of myself I gave myself the best mother's day present and I hope dinner theater ain't here she wouldn't go nowhere and she still sitting there I seriously need her back on the road and I can't find no help

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