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Little bit about me first (even though we are supposed to be talking about my Jeep lol) I live in NC just recently caught the Jeep bug and my wallet (and wife) have regretted it slightly lol. At this point in time it’s going to be a slight budget build/every once in awhile splurging.

Now onto the Jeep I have a stock 94XJ 2dr with 175k. Well taken care of, no rust on the floors a little bit by the back window but not too bad. I haven’t done a whole bunch to it yet aside from install a center console out of a 98 (lack of cup holders bugged me lol) and the accompanying E Brake with a little bit of modding (welded a extra tab of metal to use the original bolt holes).

Goal is to have a DD that doubles as a beach crawler/truck camping. In that regard I’ve picked up front and rear axles out of a 95 4X4 along with transfer case and the drive shafts.
Also planning on upgrading the sound system and installing a secondary battery for lights/charging phones and crap.

Thanks for the read hope to pick the collective brains of everyone here. 👍


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