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Hello all. I’ve been lurking around this forum and probably driving a few folks nuts with a lot of questions. First let me say thank you for all the responses and education. Been looking and learning and after a couple months now I found what I was looking for. I wanted an XJ to tow with rv and play with grandkids. Found a time capsule 89 XJ bought brand new by a man in his mid forties. Met a 75 yr old man today to look at his Cherokee and couldn’t believe what I saw. It has to be one of the cleanest XJ’s around. Car is California born and raised. Absolutely no rust anywhere. Garaged it’s whole life. I asked him what use he had for a 4WD living in SoCal and he told me he used it to get to some fly fishing spots so it’s off road life was very mild. So it is an 89 XJ Laredo with up country package and tow package. Select trac transfer case. Dana 30&35 difs. All service records since new and even the original owners manual and window sticker. A few lil chips in the paint on the plastic parts is all. Interior is about flawless too. I think I got extremely lucky. I realize it is 31 yrs old and has 195k on the clock and I’m sure there will be parts that will fail from age and mileage and it looks like it needs the typical gaskets and main seal replaced. I see some sweating on oil pan and valve cover gasket looks wet. I drove it 100 miles home to the desert and it drives like new. Handles perfect no shake shimmy vibrations. I wanted a stock XJ so I could make it the way I wanted and to see if I could get grandkids involved in the build. Now I’m a lil torn, it almost seems a shame to alter it. Guess I’ll figure that out as time goes on.


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