Ignition & volt issues with my 2000 XJ Jeep Registry
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Ignition & volt issues with my 2000 XJ

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Hey,. So I'm new here and really need some help. Any would be much appreciated. My 2000 has been off the road for over a year and I've been laboring every weekend for the last 6 weeks. Doesn't always start sometimes when I get in I turn the key and it clicks after the dash cycles through. Then I pull the key out wait and try again sometime it takes a few tries and sometimes it starts tight up. Now I find if I get it about 300-400 feet from my house the check gages light comes on and the volt meter drops to 9. I changed the battery, cause it kept dying. I also have another 2000 xj parts car. I Switched out the ignition and had the alternator bench tested and it came back good. It even looked pretty good so changed that out. Also read it could be neutral safety switch. I also changed that out (new). Whenever that happens (click) I try to start it in neutral, I have yet to be successful. Sometimes if I shake the key in the ignition and put the power windows up and down.. it'll start. Weird and haunted. Help!!!


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