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Fuel pressure dropping it like it’s hot

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Hey there everyone. I’m just about at my wits end and want to see if anyone has any ideas. I have a 1987 Jeep Cherokee that had been sitting for about three years. They put a new gas tank and claimed to have replaced the fuel pump. Filter is new and clean (drained 20gallons of old gas out of it).

I was not getting fuel pressure so I replaced the fuel pressure regulator but no luck. I can see that when I turn the key to run it jumps up to about 7psi and drops fast. I would say maybe 4 seconds to lose all pressure.

Charging the battery now to see what it’s at when running (it starts after some fight). My next step it to get under the Jeep with a t-spout thing and splice into the fuel line before and after the fuel filter (will prime the. Immediately clamp down ahead of where the pressure gauge is) to see where I might be losing pressure.

I’m not seeing and fuel coming out any where. I pulled the injectors and cleaned them but they look brand new and they sprayed fine when under pressure and connected to the battery with clips.

Anything you all think I might be missing? I don’t work on engines often, but I enjoy it. I’ve tried to go over the basics as best I could.


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