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Can't kill this Jeep! Must be a Zombie

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I got a 96 XJ sport 2 wheel drive. This bad boy has over 350,000 miles on an original 4.0 engine and AWS auto transmission. It has been in two wrecks one where it was totaled and I have rebuilt the whole front end my self and another incident involving the driver side door. I'm familiar with half of the Jeep's life since it belonged to a family friend up until his passing away a couple of years ago. After it was wrecked I replaced the headlights with projector LEDs clear front lenses on all the front lights along with LED bulbs a bright bar on the front end. All LEDs on the interior with custom floor lights and custom Rock lights underneath. On the rear end I have custom maltesa tail lights with LED bulbs and two white LED backup lights added for those dark backups out on the trail. It has custom cut 5% window tint on it along with a custom interior and custom paint job on the outside which is gloss black Rust-Oleum spray paint which everyone seems to think is pro but is not and I'm proud of that. Have also went through the engine replacing transmission lines and transmission wiring harnesses and just about whatever I could think was damaged from the first wreck because I wasn't the owner of it at that time but I got it soon after because it was still a daily driver. This is why I say you can't kill it but I love it to death. I still got a ton of more things to add to it like 2 winches 1 on the front end and 1 on the back end finding a salvageable 4x4 model and putting my motor and transmission in it or vice versa putting the 4x4 parts in my Jeep and lifting it along with any other mods I could think of at that time. And I am so glad I found this site along with another one that deals with Cherokees because they've been a godsend helping me figure out any issue that I've come across with mine. I will have to add some pictures of it just as soon as I can get up free day to take some and upload them. I look forward to many INFO profitable conversations with any member who needs help or is willing to offer it with a problem because that's what we're all here for is to help each other out and enjoy the Jeep life.


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