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98xj running horrible between 2k-3k rpm

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Ok give as much info as I can so I can get the best help... first what it's doing is it starts fine untill I hit 2000rpm then it pops soudders won't rev backfire intake and exhaust sometimes itl catch and hit 3000 rpm and it's fine after that untill I stop hitting the gas and go back under 2000 and starts over...Got the jeep last week had a high idle and ran rough I changed the plugs and wires and the TPS idled right and ran pretty good until I got to the woods it started again took it home cleaned the throttle body replaced the map sensor cleaned the IAC valve still doing it there no cat in it changed the oil still nothing cap and rotor look good only other thing is the plug on the harness side for the pickup in the distributor right at the connector the 3 wires are bare I separate them and taped em up but didn't fix the issue they were touching for who knows how long but didn't change anything I'm at a loss and could use some feedback I'm leaning toward a new distributor and CPS and possibly the coil pack but it's alot of all those things and trying to narrow down the cause. Any input would be helpful thanks in advance


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