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2001 Cherokee weird steering

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Question for you more experienced xj owners. I have a 2001 Cherokee that I've put a 4.5" short arm rubicon express lift kit in. I've had it aligned twice after doing so once after I replaced the steering linkage (tie rod ends, drag link, stabilizer, and all 4 ball joints) I have plenty of caster (about 7.5-7.7 degrees on both sides) after replacing the steering parts my steering was very loose and wandered all over the road. I've adjusted the steering box to stiffen the steering but it still wanders dramatically. Everything is torqued to exact specs I've tried having things over tightened and it didn't help the issue. I'm curious if maybe loosening the steering linkage would help it maybe what else is actually the issue. There isnt any play from the steering wheel to the tires and I have no idea what else to check. Thanks for any help in advance.


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