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Hello all. Brand new to the site and would appreciate feed back on a clutch adjustment. 1971 Jeepster Commando rough around the edges but runs like a champ. I also have a small plow on the front that I have done all the work on to get it working properly after I bought it. That being said, plowing the other night my clutch pedal went to the floor and stayed there. It's a new clutch cable, all linkage looked great except that the cable seemed very loose. Not sure why all of a sudden it loosened but I managed to get it back to the house although stuck in gear. I tightened the adjustor to where the threaded part bottomed out in the adjustor. I was able to get it out of gear and into garage and there she sits. I guess the bottom line question is could I cut the threaded part down on its left side (see pic) in order to get more tension without compromising the cable? Does the cable go all the way through the threaded adjustment piece? Thanks in advance for any advice.


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01-07-2021, 01:47 PM
Pic from getting plow together...

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