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WheelSkins Leather Steering Wheel Cover - Model# WS10201XX

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Product Information

MSRP: $44.95
Average Price: $44.95
Manufacturer: WheelSkins
Yes: 2 / No: 0

Wheelskins are the finest, most luxurious Genuine Leather Steering Wheel Covers available. They are individually hand-crafted in California of choice domestic cowhide, especially tanned for Wheelskins. Our exclusive patented lacing hole reinforcement system ensures a tight custom fit on any steering wheel.

Easy to install, Wheelskins are the best way to inexpensively customize and upgrade any plastic steering wheel. They are also the premier option for replacing a damaged or worn original factory leather covered wheel.

Wheelskins come in 15 colors and 6 standard sizes. We also make Special Order sizes to fit any steering wheel. Click on the "Sizes" button above to find the correct size for your vehicle, or click on the "Measure" button for how to measure your wheel if a Special Order cover is required.


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Panici's Reviews

06-12-2008, 07:46 PM
WheelSkins Leather Steering Wheel Cover - Model# WS10201XX
Pros: Looks good and feels great.
Cons: -Takes like 1.5 hours to install, fingers a litte raw afterwards.
Recommended? Yes

Comments: -I got the dual color one.

Top and bottom are yellow, and match the solar yellow paint perfectly. The sides are black.

*By the way, if you get a knot in the thread, FIX IT BEFORE YOU TIGHTEN THE THREAD. I figured I could just pull out the knot using force, but that fused it together, and I had to force the stupid knot through the remaining 3/4 of the holes.

And yes my buddy got a little too friendly with my shift ball


Registered User
jcd's Reviews

08-12-2006, 03:29 PM
WheelSkins Leather Steering Wheel Cover - Model# WS10201XX
Price: $44.95
Pros: Easy upgrade to the factory steering wheel without the optional leather cover. Gives the wheel a better feel and has nice OEM look.
Cons: It takes a little patience to get one of these to lay down nicely and stitching it together takes a toll on your fingers
Recommended? Yes

Comments: One thing I missed in my Unlimited was the leather wrapped steering wheel and when this topic came up the other day, I decided I would order up a leather cover for mine. I had used WheelSkins products in the past and went to them once again. They’re a little more expensive than others out there, but well worth it IMHO. The cover is made of high-quality leather and the AXX size fits the TJ steering wheel like a glove. Stretching it over the wheel takes a little patience as you want to try and land the seam at the bottom center of the wheel which sounds easy enough, but once the cover is stretched over the wheel, sliding the cover side to side is pretty tough.

Once you get the cover centered on the wheel, it’s time to start stitching on the leather. Take out the included needle and thread and stretch out the entire length of thread out across the floor. The thread is sort of a wax coated material and sticks well once threaded through the leather. You pick a spot to start and begin threading your way around the wheel. The instructions are illustrated and very well done to keep you in check through the rather tedious process of lacing up the leather cover. The manufacturer makes a point of saying ‘tight is right’ in reference to sewing the cover one and they mean it. Give each stitch a tug as you go along as it’s about impossible to back and tighten any one stitch without completely undoing everything up until that point.

After getting everything buttoned up, the new cover looks more like an OEM style cover than most other aftermarket steering wheel covers and you're only out about 45-minutes of your time. It feels much better than the cheapo plasticy feeling steering wheel. It seems to stay cooler when driving and cools off much quicker after the Jeep has been sitting in the sun for a while – the uncover wheel would stay scorching hot for an easy 30-minutes in the desert heat, so this is a welcome change. The covered wheel is noticeably more comfortable in your hands when going down the road and there is definitely more grip for an overall better tactile experience (can you tell I hated the stock wheel?). I know this isn’t the most hardcore of mods, but for a DD that sees some long miles, it’s a worthy upgrade

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