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Rubicon Express RE6030 3.5" Superflex - XJ

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Product Information

MSRP: $3,000.00
Average Price: $793.90
Manufacturer: Rubicon Express
Yes: 23 / No: 0

Rubicon Express' 3.5" Superflex lift for XJ's.....


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Registered User
zackXJ's Reviews
06-04-2015, 12:27 PM
Price: $600.00
Pros: Nice height
Cons: Noisy quick disconnects
Recommended? Yes

Comments: Good springs and control arms

Registered User
mdmbkr's Reviews
01-24-2014, 03:45 PM
Price: $1,200.00
Pros: Quality construction, good fit
Cons: Trackbar installation process suboptimal
Recommended? Yes

Comments: I installed the Rubicon Express 3.5" lift kit with full leaf spring packs on my 1999 XJ with 220k miles.

The kit included:

-Fixed length front lower control arms
-Adjustable length single-shear trackbar
-Front swaybar endlink extensions with manual disconnects
-Front coil springs with bumpstop extensions
-New steering dampener
-Four new shocks
-Rear leaf spring packs with U-bolts and nuts
-Longer rear brake hose

Items NOT included that you'll need (or ought to use) are:

-New bolts, nuts, washers, etc, for installation of leaf springs and shocks
-New spring shackles

For the most part, installation was straightforward. The included instructions are pretty good. They said I needed to disconnect the steering but I did not and had no issues.

The single biggest challenge related to this kit specifically was installation of the single-shear trackbar. This is because the factory trackbar bracket (that bolts to the frame) has to be drilled out to accept the larger bolt included with the new bar.

The bolt is large enough that you won't find appropriate drill bits at your average hardware store. And the bracket is awkwardly shaped, meaning that even though I have a big drill press, it was still a pain to ensure the hole was straight.

Finally, the nut and bolt need to be TIGHT, but there's very little room inside the bracket for tools.

Including a trackbar bracket with the kit would completely solve this problem and allow for better geometry with the drag link.

The directions suggest that a transfer case drop or SYE may be necessary on some Jeeps. I think that's a bit optimistic. In my case, driveline vibes were severe. After installing a 1" TC drop I still have mild vibes which get worse above 70MPH.

Registered User
Jeeper1973's Reviews
08-10-2011, 03:04 AM
Price: $550.00
Pros: Complete kit... except shocks. nets at least 4"
Cons: shocks included in kit would be nice.
Recommended? Yes

Comments: This kit was the best bang for your buck when I was looking. I wanted approx. 4" of lift and this kit gave that in the front and a bit more in the rear. I chose to do the SYE kit at the same time as this lift.

I learned a neat trick when searching for this lift. The RE6030 lift kit and a SYE kit (not a hack-n-tap) will allow for an XJ front driveshaft to be used in the rear. cheaper than a custom drive shaft and now both driveshafts are identicle.


Registered User
Avor's Reviews
08-07-2011, 12:15 PM
Price: $800.00
Pros: Good lift; good ride.
Cons: None.
Recommended? Yes

Comments: Great lift. I can't comment on installation. My leaf spring bolts were frozen and ended out having to be cutout, so I had a shop do the install.

I have no complaints. I recommend lubing up all the joints on the front end to insure there's no squeakage.

Registered User
wjjeep4x4's Reviews
06-27-2011, 10:40 PM
Price: $150.00
Pros: Great flex and lift was not too difficult to install.
Cons: Leaf spring bolts have excessive play and are noisy in bumps and turns.
Recommended? Yes

Comments: This lift gave me more than the 3.5" advertised. Quality products. The instructions given were thorough and made the install not too difficult. Great on road and off road performance.

Registered User
andrij13's Reviews
11-08-2010, 02:05 AM
Price: $760.95
Pros: It's a lift kit right? Quick disconnect...
Cons: You need to get bigger tires with a bigger lift, only way to fix the rubbing is to trim, which I DON'T wanna do.
Recommended? Yes

Comments: The 31s rub on front, if I got a 4.5 inch lift, I would have to get bigger tires, which would still give me the same problem

Registered User
ClassicVA's Reviews
09-22-2010, 12:42 PM
Price: $760.00
Recommended? Yes



Registered User
OCsurfin's Reviews
01-12-2010, 07:22 PM
Price: $1,200.00
Cons: havent found one yet
Recommended? Yes

Comments: i upgrade my kit to JKS Quicker disco's, i never attach them so i smash curbs and hit the fields whenever i want, so it wasnt worth it. i also got the Old Man Emu shocks, they are soooooooo good, i never use anything else.

Registered User
xjsport96's Reviews
09-17-2009, 08:33 PM
Price: $750.00
Pros: Higher then advertised lift height rides great looks great flexes well.
Cons: Back sits higher then front but it should settle
Recommended? Yes

Comments: Really complete lift definately top of the line, also bought monotube shocks adjustable track bar and t case drop.

Registered User
Saint18z's Reviews
07-08-2009, 11:17 AM
Price: $1,000.00
Pros: doesnt take away from the handling on road, and is great off road
Cons: shocks were messed up when i got them (ups's fault) jeepin sent me a new pair free of charge
Recommended? Yes

Comments: great product. ordered it from jeepin and got the old man emu shocks and jks quicker discos. couldnt be happier with it. Ive had it installed for four years now, and almost no sag


Registered User
nrpalmer32's Reviews
06-25-2009, 06:10 PM
Price: $720.00
Pros: Keeps a good COG while still lifting Easy install (as long as you pre-soak all bolts)
Cons: Once you lift you always want it higher.
Recommended? Yes

Comments: The lift kit is definitely beefy! I heard to install a longer track bar so I did, but besides that the kit comes with everything needed.

Registered User
bob6987's Reviews
06-02-2009, 12:29 AM
Price: $1.00
Pros: its lifted
Cons: noisy
Recommended? Yes

Comments: Came installed when i bought the jeep


Registered User
justanotherjpr's Reviews

03-30-2009, 04:21 PM
Rubicon Express RE6030 3.5" Superflex - XJ
Price: $650.00
Recommended? Yes

Comments: Added 1.5" shackle with .5" block and 2" spacers up front. Great springs, ok shocks. Have blown out both rear shocks within a year. Rear springs don't flex that well and are still a little stiff after 1.5 years. Front flexes great.

Registered User
Captainofiron's Reviews

02-18-2009, 03:04 PM
Rubicon Express RE6030 3.5" Superflex - XJ
Price: $450.00
Recommended? Yes

Comments: Great kit, really good quality. Everything stood up well to all abuse, easy to understand instructions. No regrets

Registered User
oOEVIDENCEOo's Reviews

01-31-2009, 09:03 PM
Rubicon Express RE6030 3.5" Superflex - XJ
Price: $3,000.00
Recommended? Yes

Comments: 1 in shackles 3/4inch coilspacers puts it at 4.5 not to happt atm but might be ez to fix

Registered User
HornedFrogHooah's Reviews

01-20-2009, 03:52 PM
Rubicon Express RE6030 3.5" Superflex - XJ
Price: $1,126.73
Recommended? Yes

Comments: Absolutely amazing. I did go ahead and get a SYE and CV, I didn't have too, I just felt better knowing it was there. Total price included four monotube shocks as well.

Registered User
Steve2237's Reviews

01-13-2009, 11:16 PM
Rubicon Express RE6030 3.5" Superflex - XJ
Price: $600.00
Recommended? Yes

Comments: Just installed......................................... .................................................. .................................................. .................................................. ....

Registered User
pfcstone777's Reviews

01-13-2009, 07:54 PM
Rubicon Express RE6030 3.5" Superflex - XJ
Price: $700.00
Recommended? Yes

Comments: Great product. gives great flex and drives very well on the road. Gave me around 5'' at first. settled down to around 4 after a while.

Registered User
JJR00XJ's Reviews

12-17-2008, 08:22 PM
Rubicon Express RE6030 3.5" Superflex - XJ
Price: $862.00
Recommended? Yes

Comments: Its not installed yet I hope it turns out well 2 shocks were back ordered.

Registered User
srmitchell's Reviews

11-27-2008, 10:29 PM
Rubicon Express RE6030 3.5" Superflex - XJ
Price: $700.00
Recommended? Yes

Comments: Amazing ride, everything included, easy install.

I have ome shocks, front stainless brake lines, and the RE 1600 track bar to round out the package.

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