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Amazon (BrightSky) 7" LED Headlights

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Rating: None

Product Information

MSRP: $200.00
Manufacturer: BrightSky
Company Website: http://Amazon - Ebay

Alright, to start off with there are multiple sellers\brands of these LED Headlights, Brightsky is typically the first result on Amazon. These can be found on both Amazon and Ebay at varying prices from multiple sellers. I got mine from Amazon from Brightsky for just under $200, and I have had a few people request I do a review of them.

These lights are typically sold individually, for around $129 per light, however I found a pair on Amazon for $200. Ordered them, 3 days later they were delivered. The headlights come with a H4 Connection, and included was a H4 to H13 adapter for Jeep JK's.

Installation was a breeze, I had them installed on my 2001 TJ in about 10 minutes. They do have a second connection that can be made for a DRL function, which is two small LED strips on the top and bottom of the headlight that can either be easily tied into your parking lights which is what I did.

The two top rows of lights are the high beams, with the middle being the low beam, so you do get a really neat lighting effect when looking at them.

After a week of using the lights, I noticed there were only three drawbacks.

First off, the low beam is not pre-angled down from the light itself. Both the low beam and the high beam follow the same path coming out of the light. After attempting to angle them properly, It seemed that I only had two choices, have correct high beams but constantly blind other drivers with the lows, or have correct low beams, not blind drivers but the highs are useless. This problem has since been fixed and I will go into greater detail of how I did this later on in the post.

The second drawback is something I heard from a JK owner who had these headlights, and that was they where a bit more of a challenge to mount in place. I can't confirm this, but JK owners, be aware you may run into this problem.

Third, these headlights are not DOT approved. I'm sure many of you have ways of hiding that and myself, I have had the lights on my Jeep for over a month now and driven by many officers both local, state and sheriff and none have said anything or pulled me over. Just make sure you angle them correctly so you don't blind people.

Now, as far as the low\high beam problem goes. Traditional headlights have the low beam lens pre-angled down so the beam hits lower than the high beam. With these headlights, that was not the case. I ended up taking apart the headlights, which was very easy to do, and removing the center optics piece, and resetting it at a slight angle downward and epoxying it back into place (the black electrical tape was to hold the optic piece in place while the epoxy set, it did not remain) Very solid bond, and now the highs and lows function as they should.

Now, I'm not saying that you absolutely have to do this, you may be fine with yourself blinding other drivers, however if you wan't these headlights to function properly, this is how I overcame the problem. If you wan't to do the same, feel free. I decided to modify them because of two reason. I was already past the return date, and I like to tinker with things.

Overall, I am very happy with these headlights even though I had to modify them. I do recommend them for anyone looking for a good set of LED headlights on a budget, since these run about half the price of other brands such as Truck-Lite.


Extremely Bright, amazing high beam distance
Cheaper than traditional LED headlights
Fully Sealed
Look great, sold in both chrome or black optics with multiple colors for DRL lights
Comes with wiring adapters for JK's
Anti-flicker harness not required (on TJ's, not confirmed on JK's)

Not DOT approved
User modification required if you wan't the highs and lows to function like traditional headlights (very easy to do however)
Slightly more challenging to install on JK's (possibly, not confirmed)

Purchase Links:


1 - Remove the outer bezzle by unscrewing all of the rivets.

2- The lens will pop off, revealing 4 more screws holding the inner trim. Remove those as well

3 - The center optic (low beam) has two small screws holding it in. Remove them.

4 - Hold the light straight out in front of you, stare into top row of high beams, centering the small yellow LED in the optic lens. Slowly adjust the middle optics row until you can no longer see any yellow in the lenses. That is the angle at which you wan't to reset that optic.

5 - Once the low beam optic is set in place at the correct angle, reassemble the headlights.

To test to make sure you have everything angled properly, hold the light straight out in front if you. Look straight into the high beams, and you should see the small yellow LED's through the lens. If you have angled the low beam optic properly, you should see any yellow in the optics of the low beam. Tilting the light upward slightly should reveal the LED's in the low beam optic, and hide the high beam optics.

If anyone is interested, I will make a full write up with better pictures. Let me know if that is something you would be interested in.

That's pretty much all I have to say about these lights. Very good for the price, and with a bit of modification they can be perfect. Hope this helps anyone that was looking into these.


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