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Harbor Frieght 10,000 winch

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Product Information

MSRP: $429.00
Average Price: $310.80
Manufacturer: Harbor Frieght
Yes: 25 / No: 1

10,000 lbs winch


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Registered User
jojorich's Reviews
12-23-2015, 12:39 PM
Price: $500.00
Pros: It comes with a long remote so you can winch and drive at the same time
Cons: no cons yet
Recommended? Yes

Comments: Very inexpensive and works great! I've only used it a few times but it certainly did the job.

Registered User
johnnyj4811's Reviews
11-20-2014, 03:40 PM
Price: $300.00
Pros: great if you go wheeling by yourself sometimes or have bald tires lol
Cons: sucks to say you didnt make it without it
Recommended? Yes

Comments: Winch is great got it on sale with mounting plate and wireless remote, best mod I have gotten so far. If you cant power through it, you sure as hell can winch through it with the 10k. Even hang it from a tree if youd like lol

Registered User
brdavis9's Reviews

07-02-2012, 10:50 AM
Price: $175.00
Pros: Price. Low amp draw. Reliability. Slow speed.
Cons: None, really. It is what it is, and those things that might be of consideration as a con (like "slow") are in my case, an added recommendation.
Recommended? Yes

Comments: Craigslist find. Bought it new in the box from a guy who'd never installed it (it had been in the box in his garage for a couple of years) almost two years ago. I was looking for this particular winch just because of the low amp draw (meaning it's easy on the stock electrics and battery), and that it is slow (I'm not ever going to be an expert, so "slow" has to be safer, and figure that slow is better than not moving at all: it's strictly for "the" emergency I hope never happens, but am moderately prepared for). I was influenced by both the Moab test of a few years back, and the experiences of other users (both pro and con). I do keep it covered (couple of garbage bags, and a Rugged Ridge canvas cover) on the Warn winch mount, and I remounted its solenoid under the hood (along with adding an in-cab jack to plug the remote into; that was simpler - and less expensive - than mounting in-cab switch setup lol). Since I'm not an off-roader per se (logging trails, hunting, fishing & camping, plus I live in snow country), the winch in my case is primarily just very inexpensive "peace-of-mind 'insurance'", if you will. Recommend for that purpose alone.

Registered User
Ring611's Reviews
01-14-2012, 09:30 PM
Price: $450.00
Pros: great strength great price
Cons: slow
Recommended? Yes

Comments: Winch works great. 10k lbs winch for under 500$ is a great buy. it is a little slow but if your stuck speed is not a nesecity. love the winch would def. buy more for other rigs


Registered User
noise_maker's Reviews

10-21-2011, 11:41 PM
Price: $25.00
Pros: Strong, low amp draw and durable
Cons: slow and needs to be covered to keep the clutch working well
Recommended? Yes

Comments: Very durable winch with lots of power and is easy on the electrical system because of its low amp draw. Got mine used from ebay for 25+75 Shipping. Works great just need a bit more patients then the guys with $800 warns and optima batteries.

A good quality, cheep winch that will get the self recovery job done well.


Registered User
xwildman138x's Reviews
07-28-2011, 08:51 PM
Price: $499.99
Pros: Very strong
Cons: None yet, can't beat the price
Recommended? Yes

Comments: I've used this winch to straighten a frame on a f150, and extract a very stuck Libby. The winch never hesitates, or heats up. When I bought the winch I waited for it to go on sale and found a 20 percent off coupon. Wait for the sales at harbor freight, totally worth the wait. Only thing I did not use that came with the winch was the rolling fairlead. My friend made me a fairlead that I incorporated into my bumper build. Excellent product.


Registered User
lopezzi's Reviews
04-04-2011, 11:12 AM
Price: $250.00
Pros: Great price for a 10k lbs winch. It also included a roller fairlead which the lower capacity's don't.
Cons: None yet.
Recommended? Yes

Comments: I bought this winch because I got a great deal on it. Harbor Freight was running a special on it, plus I had the 20% off coupon which brought the price down under $300. I couldn't pass that up on a 10,000 lbs winch. Plus as I stated, this winch comes with a roller fairlead which the lower capacity HF winches don't. So for all that for under $300 it was a no brainer. I wanted a Warn winch, but since I don't do any really heavy off-roading I figured I could save some money and still have a higher rated lbs winch. I've read reviews on the harbor freight winches and people seem to like them and they get the job done. For an average off-roader like me, it fit the bill.

Registered User
AWheeler's Reviews
02-21-2011, 02:42 PM
Price: $300.00
Pros: Great product
Cons: Could be faster
Recommended? Yes

Comments: Great winch.

Registered User
deadbiker's Reviews

10-18-2010, 12:22 PM
Price: $299.00
Pros: cheap, easy to install, simple to use
Cons: plastic engage lever
Recommended? Yes

Comments: Slow but works well.If it gets you out once, its worth the $.Great for the occasional off roader...

Registered User
skinton's Reviews
09-15-2010, 10:17 PM
Price: $239.99
Pros: price
Cons: none yet
Recommended? Yes

Comments: Only had it on a month. I used it twice on my last trip. One long double pull though a mud hole with deep ruts. I had all 4 tires in the air at one point (high centered on a mount in the middle of the pit). The other was winching a CJ-7 down a hill climb after he stalled out near the top. Worth the $$$

Registered User
DaFuzz80's Reviews
08-16-2010, 11:40 PM
Price: $245.00
Pros: Heavy duty and well built
Cons: Slow, plastic engage lever
Recommended? Yes

Comments: This winch is great, it pulled me out of a deep bog last night, mud to my door handles. It woulda been 300-400 for a wrecker to come save me at midnight so the winch paid for itself the first time i used it. Awesome winch other than that it's a little slow. Who cares when you're really stuck though, speed means nothing when you're miles from the closest road and you have no communications working.

Registered User
xkuzme1's Reviews
07-30-2010, 09:58 PM
Price: $325.00
Pros: I like it, it looks good, works good, and keeps me out of trouble.
Cons: It is made in china. But, most stuff is.
Recommended? Yes

Comments: I have not put it through a true test yet, but it appears to be a stout machine with plenty of torque and well built.


Registered User
noise_maker's Reviews

11-28-2009, 06:51 PM
Price: $100.00
Pros: Works great. It stays cool an pulls hard - even on long pulls. Low amp draw
Cons: the plastic engager can get stuck in the engaged position if you don't take measures (winch cover) to keep the mud and sand out of it.
Recommended? Yes

Comments: I bought my used from ebay ($100 shipped) This thing has saved my bacon more times then I can count and got several others free as well.

With any decent 1000 amp battery the winch won't kill it even on long pulls as long as the jeep is running.

Some say its slow but I don't think it is - you gotta figure by the time your winching your not going anywhere with out it so it dosn't seem bad.

The only thing that I have had get weird on me is the plastic engager. It got stuck once - when I had covered the front with mud and I couldn't get it to free spool. A couple squirts of silicon spray and I was back in business. I bough a canvas cover and the problem has not re-occurred.

Registered User
k2krazy's Reviews
11-11-2009, 12:57 AM
Price: $400.00
Pros: havent broke it yet
Cons: plastic engager
Recommended? Yes

Comments: my friend uses it on his car trailer he goes to auction and uses it atleaast once or twice a week and its always outside so

Registered User
ClimbStuff's Reviews
09-16-2009, 08:01 PM
Price: $343.00
Pros: 10k lbs, includes remote, 100' 3/8" cable, roller fairlead and mount plate. Very nicely packaged. 8.8 hardware.
Cons: Noisy, mount plate needs modification to fit, slow line speed, fairlead bolt heads very thin
Recommended? Yes

Comments: The worst thing about this winch is mounting the plate. Your two best friends are a set of Ridged Drill bits, and a round bastard file. After that its a breeze. You do need to mount the winch on the plate BEFORE you mount it to the bumper. The rear winch mounting bolts are not accessible once the plate is fixed to the chassis. The instructions threw me off a bit when it stated, "Connect the Solenoid Output Power Lines (short-black)(17s,24s) to either terminal of the Electric Winch." If you hook the front cable to the rear post, and vice versa, pushing up on the remote will wind it up, pushing down will unspool it.
There is a sticker on the remote saying "Do not operate for more than 1 minute at a time. Allow 3 minutes of cooling time for each minute of pulling.
When I let out all the cable and re spooled it under a light load, I pulled all 95' in one pull and it was only warm to the touch.

repeej2002's Reviews
07-12-2009, 02:45 AM
Price: $350.00
Pros: ultra reliable
Cons: slow line speed
Recommended? Yes

Comments: I've had this winch for a while now and have pulled just about everything from fullsized trucks to trees and even a johndeere 5410 that was stuck in the mud this thing may be slow but it doesnt quit and the amp draw is low enough that i dont worry so much about killing my battery. Im not gonna say if your on a budget buy this winch because i've had a replacement for over two years and for some reason my "better" winch is still sitting in the garage

Registered User
bob6987's Reviews
06-02-2009, 12:35 AM
Price: $400.00
Pros: works great
Cons: slow...but i am stuck so i am not going any where
Recommended? Yes

Comments: I got the winch and a 2 year warranty for 400...cant beat the price and it has worked grat for me.


Registered User
bigman7878's Reviews

03-28-2009, 12:31 AM
Harbor Frieght 10,000 winch
Price: $50.00
Recommended? Yes

Comments: Great winch. Will get you out when you need it to with no problem. Only problem is its painfully slow.............................................. .....

Registered User
justooln2's Reviews

03-10-2009, 07:08 PM
Harbor Frieght 10,000 winch
Price: $350.00
Recommended? No

Comments: Dont waste your time with this Winch, unless you dont mind working on it regularly. It has gotten me out of a bad mess 6 out of 6 times though.

oldskoolgouv's Reviews

12-07-2008, 12:09 PM
Harbor Frieght 10,000 winch
Price: $400.00
Recommended? Yes

Comments: not a bad winch for the money and occasional user just be careful of the cable thats the only problem ive had with mine

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