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brandonll 01-07-2020 04:04 PM

Cj fuel sender
Does anyone have a suggestion on were to find 12v sending units?
I have a 1980 CJ-5 with the stock fuel tank with 2" hole for sender. Problem is that I replaced my gauges with Stewart Warner 12V, so now my gauge indicates a good half tank when completely empty. I already removed the sender and tested to make sure there wasn't a short someware. The senders Stewart Warner recommend for their gauges won't fit my tank. Surly lots of people have switched to 12 v gauges, but where can I find stuff that fits stock applications? The gauge I have is 73 OHM which is the same as the stock 6V was. Would appreciate any input. Thanks

RARECJ8 01-14-2020 03:10 AM

Had a similar issue. I just bent the arm that holds the fuel level float and with testing got it right. Itís easier on an empty tank. We did it with tank out of vehicle and some extension wires.

Good luck.

Fourtrail 01-14-2020 12:57 PM

Are you running 12v to your new gauge? Or are you still hooked up through the factory voltage reducer for power to the gauge? The sending unit doesn't care if you are using 12v or 6v.

brandonll 01-14-2020 05:04 PM

I am using new 12 v gauge powered by 12 v. The voltage reducer went away with the old gauge.
So can I run 12v from the gauge to the original 6v sender without burning it up? If so, I should be OK. maybe just need to bend float arm as RARECJ8 recomended.

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