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hampton_30 07-13-2020 06:26 PM

Clutch problem on a yj
I have a 94 jeep wrangler yj I replaced the clutch, pressure plate, throw out bearing,pilot bearing,fly wheel, slave cylinder, master cylinder , and clutch fork. Worked great for 24 hrs then nothing but problems now you can put it in gear while it's running first thing in the morning after its sat all night but after a few minutes it switches to not allowing me to put it in gear while it's running sitting at a stop. But if you get ot into first gear before you stop the clutch will hold it in place tell you let up on it. I have replaced all these parts 3 times in the past week and each time it does the same thing I'm really lost and cant figure out what is goin on has anyone ever had this problem

mukluk 07-13-2020 11:31 PM

First thing that pops to mind is the clutch disc is sticking on the splines of the transmission input shaft or the end of the input shaft is sticking in the pilot bearing. This will prevent the clutch from fully releasing, regardless of how well the release bearing and pressure plate work.

Goatboy4570 07-14-2020 01:32 PM

The hydraulic clutch may need to be what is called pressure bled , some hydraulic clutches cant be bled out by just pumping the peddle ???
What does your shop manual say about bleeding the system ?

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