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Eric3536 04-26-2021 09:19 AM

Help buying jeep
I’m looking to spend under 20,000 for a jeep but I’m having some problems. The 2005 limited has a 5.7 engine same as the 2012 overland/summit etc. but there sooo slow compared to the previous gen. The newer limited feel the same or faster but the overland orange interior really has me watching the overland or summit, then u have the 2008 srt, which are faster then the newer srt up until 2018, kinda odd how the speeds change so drastically

cranbiz 04-26-2021 01:43 PM

$20K, Jeep and fast don't compute.

You want a fast Jeep, you need deep pockets.

Eric3536 04-26-2021 03:40 PM

Iv found a bunch of 2016 and older limited grand cherokees for under 20k lol... my question was why is a 2014 overland so much slower then the limited when they have the same engine, and a 2006 srt8 is faster then a 2015 srt8. The orange/cream interior alone is not worth going from 0-60 in 6.5(limited) to 7.4(overland) I want to switch up from my charger and I know it’s going to be slower obviously but 7.4.... ughh

Kev M 04-26-2021 08:09 PM

I really don't understand from where you're coming.

I mean for starters the WK isn't the same as the WK2, though I'm not sure all the differences you can research that if it matters. I mean an Overland is more luxurious than a Limited. Maybe it's heavier with more options.

Maybe it's gearing, or emissions, or bad data, or something else. I don't know, but really looking at 0-60 times in any Jeep other than an SRT (or the new 392 Wrangler) seems pointless.

Have fun but maybe you don't want a Jeep really.

Eric3536 04-26-2021 10:39 PM

I like the interior of the overland, just wondering if anyone has driven one that can say otherwise? Just trying to understand why the overland is so much slower, does sport mode change drastically? Just don’t want a slow suv, 0-60 6.5 is fine with me for a suv, not 7.4. And what are the benefits of overland vs overland summit? Planning on making a purchase soon, New to jeeps, thanks

cranbiz 04-27-2021 08:44 AM

The Overland is heavier than the Limited. I have a WK2 Trailhawk, which is a heavily optioned Limited and yes, it's also a bit heavier. My friend had an WK2 Overland and that was definitely heavier than my Trailhawk.

The Overland is the "Luxury" version and the Summit is the "Ultimate" version of Grand Cherokee's. More creature comforts in a Summit than an Overland. The Overland has more creature comforts than a Trailhawk and a Trailhawk has more than a Limited. Many of those are fancy electronics, which I'm not comfortable with. I specifically avoided a bunch of those when I bought Momma's Trailhawk, which made it harder to find on a lot. I don't want them, I don't need them and don't need the repair bill if one of those fancy modules dies. However, others want Auto dimming lights, rain sensing wipers, adaptive cruise control, panoramic sun roof, etc. I don't.

I'm not timing a 0-60 with Momma's Trailhawk but even with the 3.6L, it has plenty of gonads and easily gets out of it's own way.

WkJeep007 06-09-2021 08:23 PM

Hi there buddy. $14,500 I can sell you my 2006 Jeep grand Cherokee Overland 5.7 L with the hemi. 72000 miles brand new transmission and brand new transfer case installed at 69,000 miles from the dealership. Brand new rims brand new matching rim spare tire.

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