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sam_well 08-25-2010 02:05 PM

1998 Cherokee HELP! 1st jeep
I've been looking for a used Cherokee for quite some time now and I finally got a hold of someone who has one that isn't sold. Its a 1998 Jeep Cherokee Sport with 142,000 miles on it and they said they would give it to me for around $3500. However when I went to look at it I found a number of problems, most of which I can deal with such as:

-Glove box lock missing
-Front seat missing rear mount (seat is crooked)
-and all windows work but only with the switches in the drivers seat, not with the switches on the individual doors
-massive tear in steering wheel

But there are a few that I would need to fix which include:

-Four new tires
-passenger side tail light broken
-Check engine light is on
-And when i drove it around the parking lot (I didn't exceed 10mph) there was an awful shaking coming from the front end when I would turn. (no, I didn't have it in 4WD) made a pretty awful sound too

Someone told me the shaking may be the transmission, but from the research I've done I think it may be some worn out U-Joints. I don't think this is the infamous "death wobble" that Cherokee's are notorious for as I was not going anywhere near highway speeds. Anyway, I need some help here. I have a really low budget (around 6000) and I need to know if getting this thing to pass MA inspection is going to exceed what I can afford. Does anyone know what might be causing the shaking? The Jeep has a 3.5" lift kit and 30" tires on American Racing Alloy wheels.

Appreciate the help,

theducksguts 08-25-2010 02:06 PM

Way over priced from what I can determine. It would be a major project. I think you can get more for less.

zondaracing 08-27-2010 02:09 PM

cars come with problems, if you buy at a dealer or from a private seller. offer him $500 below his asking price

sam_well 08-30-2010 12:14 PM

500 below 3500? The car is from a dealer. The original asking price was 5000. I have a feeling he wont accept anything lower than 3500 because that may be too close to what he accepted as trade-in. Even if I talked him down to 3000 it seems like fixing it up would bring me past my budget.

rfjeeper 09-05-2010 10:01 PM

Sounds a little to high for all the problems and miles,as for the shaking it could be a lot of things,jeeps with coil springs in the front are prone to what is called the death wobble,basicly your front end is wearing out and is needing parts replaced,trac bar among other things,it's just to hard to tell until you start replacing parts.Keven's offroad i think offers a deathwobble kit the replaces most of the prone parts,I think it's between 200 and 300 dollars.

rfjeeper 09-05-2010 10:06 PM

I know you said you didnt think it was the death wobble but i had it on my TJ at only 15mph,i replaced trac bar(rubicon express) and sabilizer bar (super lift) and that fixed mine

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