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jeepcj51979 05-10-2009 03:50 PM

Prayer needed for my Mother

the above site has the details updated daily by my self.....

the short / medium story goes like
My MOMs story goes like this....My husband Steve and I were adding a few thousand miles to our nearly 100,000 miles of riding our Harley all over the US. Enjoying the day out for a ride along the beautiful roads and checking out the scenic landscapes (which by the way i love it riding and seeing the world form a motorcycle) around Pensacola, FL on our way to Gulf Shores for vacation with our pals Randy & Fran B. We were having a ball until April 28, 2009 2pm that's when our accident occurred. The rear tire blew out due to "unknown but suspected scrape metal in the road". The bike fish tailed for about 75 to 100 foot enough time for traffic to stop. Then the peg stuck and threw both of us through the air like rag dolls nothing else Steve could have done. He fought it with all of his might. Until it won, but know doubt he did everything within his power to keep us safe................................. After a few good folks in the area called 911. Minutes later the parmeditics arrived and stabilized me at the scene rushed me to Sacred Heart Hospital the ER went to work doing what they do best......Which was getting me ready for the transfer to ACCU "Adult Critical Care Unit" ICU. Now I have Servier Brain Trauma and the next few days are extremely critical...........

Please pray for my mom
Thank you in advance
Joseph Rouse
COJO member out of cleveland tn 37312

MOOT 05-11-2009 01:33 PM

Prayers to you and your family...

Skerr 05-11-2009 01:37 PM

Godspeed... you are in our prayers. Keep us posted.

tjmdr 05-11-2009 02:18 PM

You ALL are in my prayers. My brother had a similar injury and was in a coma for 5 months. Keep the faith. the improvements come in small doses, but they do come. It is a slow and steady process with great rewards. God will heal.

RVC 05-12-2009 08:28 AM

I am sorry to hear about this. I will pray for you guys.

RussellRussXJ 05-12-2009 08:33 AM

Best Wishes to your family and a Speedy Recovery!

jeepcj51979 05-12-2009 05:42 PM

My Friends Family and Loved Ones, Martha lost her battle with earthly life this morning. She is with our Lord in Heaven. I can't tell you how heavy our hearts are. She set the bar really high when it comes to being a Wife, A Mother, A Grandmother, A Daughter, A Sister A Friend and a Christian. Those that knew her loved her dearly. For 59 years she walked this earth and for 37 years of it she was my Life. What else can I say? Thanks just does not seem like the right word. I would like to say thanks to the People of Pensacola who turned out in large numbers to support us
A special thanks to Dennis and Marty and Tom who housed us, fed us and nutured us druing this very difficult time.
I got to tell you Marty has big plans for a Big House where she can help people like us. It is going to be Non-Profit and It is going to be built (or remodled)with a lot of Sweat Equity and a little money. It will be Named "Marthas Vineyard in honor of Martha. Martha will be really proud of this effort.
We have long days ahead but God will guide us he has for the past two weeks. Thank you again for everything.
We are returning home and we will celebrate Martha's Life Soon. Please Stay in touch !!! Joseph

I don't know what else to say......:crying:.....GOD BLESS EACH ONE OF YOU AND HOPLD TIGHT TO YOUR FAMILY AND FRIENDS BECAUSE YOU NEVER KNOW WHEN THEN END WILL COME......LOVE Your brother in Christ....

Jon00XJ 05-17-2009 06:55 PM

Man I really hate to see this. I cant even begin to imagine what you must be going through. Just hang in there be strong.

mightydog78 05-17-2009 08:40 PM

your in my prayers man...God will get you through this

i used to live in pensacola actually

jeepcj51979 05-20-2009 03:35 PM

thank you it is pretty tough but...God has a plan and who knows what that will be for anyone so we just have to be ready for anything anythime...Thank you alll for everything...

jeepcj51979 09-20-2010 03:37 PM

Martha's Vineyard of Pensacola, LLC

For those of you who may know or may not the house is complete and open to help families like ours during the hard times... check out the web site
a memorial helping house in Pensacola FL in memory of my mother....

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