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JMCCARTY13 04-29-2021 11:48 AM

Tire and wheel upgrade
I've got a 2016 JK Unlimited Sport and currently have 265/75R16s. I'm looking to go up in wheel and tire size and I don't want to have to do any trimming or body work. I'm not the most tire/wheel savvy individual so I'm reaching out to the experts lol. I'm looking at the HE901 17x9 wheels that have a -12 offset. I'm considering a 2.5" suspension lift but didn't know if it would be necessary to run 305/70R17s. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

222Doc 04-29-2021 12:33 PM

being a sub 34. you will need 2" bumps 2/2.5 on the lift with stock fenders. Your gearing if stock will be to low at 3.21 where need more like 3.73 is for 32s-4.1-4.56 depending if towing with 34-35s. Its not about off road with gears but street MPG and keeping stock performance.

Back space should be around 4.5/4.75" so on a 9" wide the offset would be 0 being centered. 12mm is near .5" more so its about 1" wider. But in all the tires will stick out much more then this since stock had 6 back space on a 7" wide wheel. so if sticking out is not an issue where you are no big. adding back space to fit larger tire as well makes the scrub radius off on the front steering. That is a line that goes from the center of ball joints to the ground. that should land near center of tire contact of the road. when that point is moved. it changes how it handles. Most people tend to just get used to the new way it steers. wont be as good. most just say its a jeep thing. well i had a huge back space too many years 3.75 on 35s. when i wen to a 4.25 Bs and 37s it made that point way better and it showed when steering on the street alot. AS you move that wheel out the SR goes wack. to keep that point you have to go UP or less BS. Just a though on what we do to these and untended things that happen do to it

White Elemant 05-06-2021 08:31 AM

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I'll get 315/70 on 17x9 ET 0 / backspace 5" wheels next week, I'll let you know how the fit and run.

I have a 2.5" lift.

Wheelin98TJ 05-06-2021 02:34 PM


Originally Posted by 222Doc (Post 41260473)
...Back space should be around 4.5/4.75" so on a 9" wide the offset would be 0 being centered....

9" wide wheels with 0 offset will have 5" backspacing.

9" wide wheels with -12mm will have 4.5" backspacing.

Not that a 1/2" matters much, but I figured worth mentioning.

This is because backspacing measures to the outside edge of the wheel, whereas wheel width measures between the tire bead mounting surfaces which are about 1/2" thick.

White Elemant 05-07-2021 08:48 AM

1/2 " can easily be the difference between rubbing and not rubbing.

Wheelin98TJ 05-07-2021 10:39 AM


Originally Posted by White Elemant (Post 41266057)
1/2 " can easily be the difference between rubbing and not rubbing.

True, I was speaking more personally and that can easily be misleading.

I don't normally run the inside sidewalls that close, but for someone who's trying to tuck the tires as much as possible, 1/2" is material.

White Elemant 05-07-2021 11:50 PM

It is great wisdom to run max backspace, as this will put minimum strain on balljoints and is good for overall handling.

On the other hand, maximizing backpace of course means that you prolly can't go up in tire size...

JMCCARTY13 05-11-2021 03:26 PM

Thanks for y'alls input. I really appreciate it. I've done some mind changing since my original post and I'm pretty sure I'm gonna go with 285/70 or 75R17s. The wheel I'm looking at still has a -12 offset so the backspacing will be at 4.5". And I'll probably be getting the 2.5" suspension lift, whether I'll really need it or not. If any of that sounds like it'll cause me issues, please let me know but I think it should all work out.

jamesauto24 05-11-2021 11:14 PM

you made the right choice.

White Elemant 05-12-2021 10:37 AM

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With -12 offset / 4.5" backspace, the setup will stick out about 2" outside the fenders. Will that be ok where you drive?

In many places it's not, and additional fender flares (like EZ Flares) might be needed.

JMCCARTY13 05-12-2021 07:11 PM

To my knowledge, New Orleans doesn't typically give jeep owners with tires outside the fender any issues. Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong, but I think i should be ok. Thanks again!

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