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bman21 08-13-2019 04:36 PM

New tires
I have an 09 JKU 3.8 automatic.
Ok here is my plan. I plan on buying Pro Comp 7005 17x9 wheel it has BS of 4.75 and an offset of -6mm. I tires I want are Nitto Ridge Grapplers. Now this is where I’m getting confused. I was bouncing between 285/70r17 and 295/70r17. I finally decided on getting the 285’s. My plan was to buy them off of quadratec. After I pick my wheels and and go to pick the tires the only tire in that size is a reg 285/70r17 I believe it is load C. That the total thread is measured at 13.5 and total weight is about 50lbs but I also seen on Nitto website they have a LT285/70r17 tire which is E rated but has a deeper tread at 16.4 and weight of 57lbs but I am unable to select this tire for a 17x9 wheel the largest wheel suggests a 8.5. Question is why is this and which tire is better? Obviously the LT is more expensive because I’m guessing it is a higher ply. Would it be dumb to buy the cheaper ref 285? Or should I go with the LT295/70r17? I’m a little thrown off with all this.

Koyote Kustom Wheels 08-21-2019 10:11 PM

The reason for the difference from C load and E load is the tires construction and anticipated use. I would go with the C load 285 if you plan to drive mainly on road with some wheeling. if you plan to test your Jeeps limits the E load 295. Post pics when’s you are done. :smile2:

222Doc 08-24-2019 11:56 AM

Load rating has nothing to do with wheeling. E is best for very heavy vehicles that tow, that is how you would "Test" those type tires. On or Off road a jeep does best with C at the most a D. Since at a point tires in C may be hard to find. Much like when i went from 35s to 37s. i went from C to D. They dont make that tire in that size a C. The load on tire is expressed on the side wall as Max psi of___ for this amount of max weight_____ per tire. Off road its being aired down that makes it or not. best in the single digits. 12psi max. I run 8-9 no bead locks no issues.

I would not run an E on a jeep, D max. wont ride as well as a C. On my F250 yes i run Es, it tows 8k plus gear. The wife's Excursion 4x4 that weighs 8k empty. runs 35s in a E. Since it too tows and is rather heavy.

Koyote Kustom Wheels 08-25-2019 03:43 PM

The "C" load tire will give a better ride, better stopping, and better gas mileage while providing sufficient performance wheeling.
The "E" load with the deeper tread depth and heavier construction will give better traction in mud and better puncture resistance to sharp rocks, sticks, and debris. As a general rule the "E" load tire will have additional and/or stronger plies and fillers to increase it's carrying capacity and a side effect of improving puncture resistance.

You are correct that neither tire's load carrying capacity will be tested on a Jeep unless it is converted to a 3/4 ton like your F-250 or Excursion 222Doc.

222Doc 08-25-2019 10:22 PM

Ok so i have been running the wrong tires since like 1975 in a jeep on the Rubicon trail back then and still do today?? web wheeler, should have ran Es.. well no its just not true that Es are better off road and will ride like fecal matter on the street. Ran Cs in MTRks and Ds ,now have too. many decades hardest trails in the west. Fordyce, Rubicon and if it opens as expected late this season in week and half we are off to the Dusy Ershem. One of the longest hard trails in the Usa. at 33 miles of trail and 90 fuel to fuel. No Es will be going......then its back to Az for the winter wheeling season. bring your Es to Parker for our Desert Splash. Great place to test a tire. If those rocks dont get you the cactus will in the end.

snow wheeling on the Rubicon this year in June. did not need Es..was a good thing since i wont use them ever.

Koyote Kustom Wheels 08-25-2019 10:49 PM

Sounds like a great experience 222Doc.
Post pics of your final package bman21.

bman21 09-07-2019 04:26 PM

2 Attachment(s)
Here is the finished product and a before/after pic

bman21 09-07-2019 04:27 PM

They wheels are pro comp 7005 with a -6 offset and Mickey Thompson ATZ P3 285/70R17 tires. So far very happy with the set up

Naddan 09-07-2019 08:54 PM

Nice looking setup. I’ve been debating on those tires as my next set. Please let us know what you think after you’ve really had a chance to use them.

Koyote Kustom Wheels 09-08-2019 01:42 PM

Very nice!:wink2:

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