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blacXJeep 04-08-2014 07:15 PM

XJ Diamond plate look door panels
My stepfather threw out my door panels!. Got itchy and decided to fabricate something. heres what i did.

Tools/Materials needed:

Daimond Soft Anti-Fatigue Mat (Home Depot about $15 a sheet)
Small drill bit
Sheet metal shears or scissors
Self tapping metal screws
Sharpie Marker
Tape Measurer

With the door off, if you can, lay the door on the ground and go ahead and start measuring, and marking off were you want to cut.

Trim the corners and cut the rectangle out for the door handle, I covered were the window/door controls were cuz mine have been relocated. Make sure to be presise because you will be using this as a template for the other door. This will make the process alot faster for the other door.

Now take your other sheet of Anti-Fatigue Matting and place it back to back (daimonds out) with the template you have already cut for the first door. Go to town with your sharpie and trace it out.

Cut er' out!

Now put the two panels back to back again, so they line up. With a sharpie (I used Blue to contrast the black) mark dots were your screws are going to go. I didn't measure just eye-balled it, but thats your choice.

Place the mats back to back again, on something your not going to drill into, like your moms porch (whoops!). Cement worked well for me. Now use a small drill bit to just make some guide holes for your self tapping screws. This way you avoid the mat twisting all up on you later when you go to secure it.

Lay em' on your doors, and make sure they line up how you want them to.

Get out your self tapping screws, and secure the panels to the doors!

Put your doors back on and drool over how sick your new door panels look...

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