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ahuf 12-05-2010 10:17 PM

How to Install Rear Cargo Window on a Jeep Cherokee
The other day someone broke into my Jeep through the rear window and took a bunch of stuff. So, I decided to take the time to do a quick write up on how to install a replacement window. I used a donor Cherokee that I had from a recent rear-end collision (I'm not at fault for that one) to save some cash. I decided to part off my old Cherokee window and put it on the new piece of bacon… My Jeep's name is Bacon. Lots of photos because I know replacing a window is hard and pictures are great reference. So here it goes.

Tools you might need.
-Paper towels
-Cleaning product (I used Windex)
-Razor (for getting a new window from a donor vehicle)

Tools you will need.
-Phillips screw driver
-Strong cord
-Second pair of hands(optional but makes it so much easier)

Quick removal instructions. (no photos)(go from bottom of instructions to top for reference)
-find donor car.
-remove the molding side and bottom(review photos below
-Take razor blade to rubber edge of window. Take as much rubber off that you can. When you can push the window out by hand then you can get out of the trunk and grab it up before you let it fall. A second pair of hands here is useful for catching.
-discard rubber material
-clean window
-put rubber gasket on from your broken window(if still in good condition
-Window ready for install

The Install

1. - Make sure to clean everything up - vacuum the glass up if broken. Clean broken glass out of rubber gasket where window will be inserted. Wipe down window frame. Also take care of any rust that might have accumulated. I used windex and paper towels.

2. - Remove interior molding. I only removed the bottom and (looking from inside) the right side back towards the hatch molding pieces.

3. - Put gasket on window.

4. - Flip it around so you have the back end facing you. Place your cord around the window seals lip. Overlap about half way.

5. - Grab a helping hand. Then have them just place the window where it should go against the window frame.

6. - Start pulling one end of the string and the lip of the gasket should come over the edge of the window frame. Keep pulling genteelly but be Jeeply about it.

7. - Put everything back together and Enjoy the end results

Also I heard this works for a Grand Cherokee (ZJ) as well but I can't say for certain.

The time now is 11:37 AM.

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